The clumsy dance of the colours and patterns of life

Witness the clumsy dance of the colours and patterns of life, the sometimes-harmonic, sometimes-cacophonic combination of the silence and the noise all around, and the heroes and the helpless within.
Welcome to my little corner of The Mighty Interwebs, where it is not likely you will find anything profound (or even very interesting), but where you will find all manner of random. Life is a kaleidoscope of the weird and the wonderful, the awesome and the awful, the blessings and the bizarre, and the collision between them is what you just might stumble upon here if you stick around. Grab your favorite drink and come hang out with me if you dare.

Who am I and why am I here?

I am an Alberta girl through and through. I love the space, sights, sounds, and smells of this beautiful prairie province. I am a Domestic Goddess wanna-be, who loves to experiment in the kitchen. I love aprons and high heels (and have been known to wear the two together) and pearls and pick-up trucks. I love vintage kitchen furniture and tools, for both function and fashion. My garden is a source of peace and frustration, but sometimes it does give me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment too. I don’t do well with rodents or reptiles, and would prefer to never cross paths with either. If I were to compare myself to a character - real or fictitious - from a book, that character would be Mrs. March from Little Women; I think I have a private jukebox playing in my soul, and I can match a song to almost anything. My favorite holiday is Christmas and I could listen to Christmas music year-round. I love all of Alberta’s seasons, but I love summer less than the others. Any day is a good day for icecream or coffee. Bonus points for both in a day! I love a good thunderstorm, sunrises and sunsets, northern lights, moonlight, billowy clouds, and a clear view of the sky touched only by the hand of God and unobstructed by manmade innovations. I'm fascinated with the world around me but live mostly in the world within me. I like things to be just so, but can enjoy the scenery on a detour. I plan my life and map things out on post-it notes, scraps of paper, and 'most any surface I can write on, but it's a rare day when things actually go according to those plans.

Although they (sometimes) make me laugh later, I choose not to let myself be defined by my mishaps and short-comings. I prefer those things that bring a smile to my face while they are happening. I've staked my claim on this small piece of the virtual world to try to make sense out of my nonsense. I'm trying to learn to enjoy the "getting there" not just the "being there" on this crazy amazing journey called life.

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