The clumsy dance of the colours and patterns of life

Witness the clumsy dance of the colours and patterns of life, the sometimes-harmonic, sometimes-cacophonic combination of the silence and the noise all around, and the heroes and the helpless within.
Welcome to my little corner of The Mighty Interwebs, where it is not likely you will find anything profound (or even very interesting), but where you will find all manner of random. Life is a kaleidoscope of the weird and the wonderful, the awesome and the awful, the blessings and the bizarre, and the collision between them is what you just might stumble upon here if you stick around. Grab your favorite drink and come hang out with me if you dare.

Why Prints Charming & Purse and Boots?

I am part nerd and part girly-girl. I love word play, and I love accessories (jewelry, scarves, shoes, you name it!). I'm a sucker for the Disney movies of my childhood, and believe in heroes and happily-ever-afters. There is nothing profound in this blog name. It is just the awkward and forced meeting of some things I appreciate. Sorry if you clicked this hoping for something inspiring! :-)
The bridal party (women) at my baby sister's wedding

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